Steampunk Hats For Discerning Cats



This cat in his little steampunk hat is seriously cute. And clearly a lot of time has been spent on creating this fascinating bit of millinery.

But looking at the animal’s expression it did make me wonder about the ethics of it all.

Is it right to dress your cat or dog up in clothes ? One can argue that this is fine if done responsibly. But where does it stop? What about show animals? That poor persian that has to sit for five hours while his owner preens and blowdries his fur, so he can sit in a little wire cage while people stare and point at him.

And what about the poor Chihuahuas who have to wear jumpers and spend their days crouching in suffocating handbags?

Has fashion and the need to be cute overstepped the line?

My cat, Oscar is huge. He’s so big that if he stands on his hind paws, he can rest his front feet on a standard kitchen counter to have a peep at the delicious things that reside there If I were to try to put a hat on him, he’d probably take my hand off. I tried to bathe him once (after he managed to get muck all over his fur). Needless to say, it didn’t go well and I had the bruises to prove it.

Would those weaker and meaker animals who won’t fight back also protest if they could?In my view, animals, like children should live as naturally as possible.  Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?



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2 responses to “Steampunk Hats For Discerning Cats

  1. Dressing animals up is weird. I think they’re much cuter without clothes. Also I have a cat big enough to put his front paws on the kitchen counter – who is utterly convinced whatever comes out of the fridge must be chicken.

  2. That’s so lovely. I love huge cats. They are so cuddly.

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