As Writers, we all have a duty to take care of one another. The craft of writing well is difficult. Finding the time, space and opportunity to write is even harder. And then there is the business of getting published… It’s enough to drive anyone round the hat shop!

So this is my bit. Look out for the posts tagged as Write! In them I share the wisdom I have gained not because I consider myself to be an expert, but for the collective good. All writing advice I dispense here is dubious on account of the fact that I’ve made most of it up. This is how I perceive the process and what works for me, might not necessarily work for someone else. Also, my understanding of the whole business might be completely incorrect and squiffy. But, take from it what you will. And if I does help, please let me know!

One response to “Write!

  1. Thanks for your interesting comments.
    As this is fantasy, a writer is allowed to take a few liberties and make few things up, which I have done to suit the plot. You are correct – the Water Lily has a 40 foot hull, and I worded it that way so people who know nothing about dirigibles could easily visualise it. Spark powered dirigibles are a bit faster than traditional ones. Also, the safety catch in the revolver was one of the professor’s modifications – he didn’t want his daughter accidentally shooting herself… all will be revealed in the next book…

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